5 Best Ductless Chimney in India with Autoclean Features

The ductless chimneys are designed without any pipes or outlets (ducts) but strong exhaust fans to remove the oil fumes and smoke out from the kitchen and recirculate them to improve the quality of air inside the kitchen. 

These ductless chimneys are ideal for mid-sized modern kitchens as they look quite elegant, have a high suction capacity, and are mostly wall-mounted. 

In this article, we have researched the top 5 ductless chimneys with auto clean features. The top in our list is the Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney, which has a powerful suction of 1200m3 per hour filterless you need not clean the filter now and then.

Or you can go with Hindware Nadia Chimney if you are looking for a premium chimney with a powerful motor, motions sensor control, and beautiful looking design.

Best Ductless Chimney in India

#1. Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney (90 cm 1200 m3/hr )

Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney 

This curved glass elegant black chimney without duct from the house of leading chimney manufacturer Elica is a perfect addition to modern kitchens. 

Elica ductless chimney has a strong suction capacity to absorb the oil fumes and smoke from the kitchen and keep the kitchen free from smoke, keeping the kitchen fresh-smelling. 

The motion-sensing feature makes operating the chimney easy by just waving hands. With this chimney, you get a warranty of 5 years on the chimney’s motor and 1 year on the chimney. 

Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney (WDFL 906 HAC MS NERO, Touch + Motion Sensor Control, Black)
  • Filter-less technology ensures powerful suction capacity, it draws in the...
  • It comes with motion sensing technology that enables easy operation by a...
  • Warranty: 5 years on Motor and 1 year on product from Date of Purchase.
  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall Mounted | Colour: Black
  • Control Type: Touch + Motion Sensor Control | Max noise(dB): 58

Key Benefits

  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • LED lamps for a better view of the oven
  • Panel with touch control
  • Maximum suction 1200 cubic meter/hour
  • 5 years warranty on the motor, 1 year on the chimney

Best for

This chimney is perfect for a mid-sized urban kitchen with 7-8 family members and moderate to high grilling and frying activities are done.

#2. Hindware Nadia Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney 

Hindware Nadia 90 cm 1200 m³ Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

With a high suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour, this ductless chimney from Hindware is one of the best chimneys available in the market.

The chimney has a powerful motor with a screen guard to protect the motor without affecting the suction capacity of the chimney. The auto-clean feature lets the user clean the oil fumes with a single press of a button, and the attached oil collector is made of stainless steel that makes it easy to clean and maintain the chimney.

Make the best use of the motion control feature and operate it by just waving your hand. The 3-speed control buttons are used to adjust the suction speed as per your cooking requirements.

Hindware Nadia 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney with Motion Sensor and Touch Control (Inox, C100219)
  • SUCTION CAPACITY: Powerful motor provides 1200 m3/hr suction capacity,...
  • FILTERLESS TECHNOLOGY: There is a screen to prevent contact with motor and...
  • AUTO CLEAN TECHNOLOGY: This feature helps in cleaning the oil and residue...
  • OIL COLLECTOR: It has a stainless steel oil collector which is easy to...
  • CONTROL TYPE: User-friendly 3 speed Touch Control for smooth operation with...

Key benefits

  • High suction capacity with a powerful motor with screen guard
  • Stainless steel oil collector that can be easily cleaned
  • Motion sensor control makes operating the chimney easily
  • 3-speed control adjustments to adjust the suction 
  • Auto-clean feature helps in keeping the chimney clean

Best for

This chimney is ideal for a large household where grilling and frying are done daily.

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#3. Faber Chimney with Filterless Technology

Faber Chimney with Filterless Technology

Faber stylish and ergonomically designed chimney is one of the top-rated filter-less chimneys available in the market.

This wall-mounted chimney is compact, with a curved glass attached behind the panel and mesh that looks elegant. You can use gestures and touch to control the speed and operate the appliance.

2 powerful LED lamps are attached to the chimney making the oven and the cookware easily visible while you are cooking. The filter-less technology makes it easier to clean and maintain the chimney.

Faber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney (HOOD ORIENT XPRESS HC SC BK 60, Filterless technology, Touch Control, Black)
  • type:curved glass, wall mounted, auto clean, colour: black
  • size:60 cm (2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys)
  • suction capacity: 1200 m3/hr (for kitchen size >200 sqft & heavy...
  • filter-less technology ensures powerful suction capacity, it draws in the...
  • control type: touch ; speed: 3-speed touch switch with motion sensor ;...

Key benefits

  • Stylish and ergonomically designed
  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • Oil collector attached to the chimney
  • High suction power
  • Ductless technology ensures no maintenance hassles
  • Gesture and touch control
  • Curved glass with black finish
  • 2 LED lamps for better visibility of the oven

Best for

This filterless chimney is suitable for modern kitchens, preferring Indian cooking with heavy frying.

#4. KAFF ‎‎MILA DHC 60 Filterless Chimney 

KAFF ‎‎MILA DHC 60 Filterless Chimney 

Kaff ductless chimney has dual baffle filters and a cooker hood of 60 cm to cover the entire oven area and absorb the fumes and oil residues that may bother you during the cooking. The benefit of baffle filters is that they are easy to clean and can be maintained without any professional support, thus saving money in the long term.

Do not bother about the low kitchen lights when you have this Kaff Chimney with frosted LED lamps attached.

The soft-touch buttons can make operating this appliance an enjoyable affair. The chimney is powered with a suction capacity of 1150 cubic meters per hour, which is suitable for heavy Indian cooking.

The appliance looks attractive with a black tempered and curved glass panel and a matt finish body.

KAFF 60cm 1150 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (MILA DHC 60, 2 Baffle Filter, Black)
  • Type: Pyramid style with side wall mounting, black powder coated and...
  • Size: 60 cm (2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys) | suction...
  • Dry Heat Auto Clean Technology| Control Type: 3 Speed Touch Control,...
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty (7 years on motor and 2 years on product)
  • Other features: 2 LED lights, 2 speed settings,Air Outlet : 150 MM

Key benefits

  • The elegant matt finish and tempered glass curved panel 
  • High suction capacity
  • Powerful baffle filter
  • Frosted LED lamps
  • Auto clean feature
  • Soft-touch panels
  • Energy-efficient

Best for

This ductless chimney is ideal for a large household preferring Indian cooking with heavy frying and grilling activities.

#5. Glen Senza Filterless Chimney 

Glen Senza 90 cm 1050 m3hr Filterless Auto clean Chimney

With a high suction capacity of 1050 cubic meters per hour, this black beauty from Glen is the ultimate solution to keep your kitchen clean and oil-free without any fuss. 

The auto-clean feature ensures you don’t have to worry about your chimney’s cleaning and invest a lot in maintaining it. The smooth touch controls ensure the easy operating of the appliance. 

This wall-mounted chimney has a curved glass panel that looks elegant in modern kitchens.

Glen Senza 90 cm 1050 m3/hr Filterless Auto clean Chimney -Gesture Control, black, 90cm (CH60CTACBL90FL)
  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall Mounted, Colour: Black
  • Size: 90Cm (2-4 Burner Stove For Wall Mounted Chimneys)
  • Suction Capacity: 1050 M3/Hr (For Kitchen Size >200 Sqft & Heavy...
  • Filter:Filterless, Control Type: Touch Sensor Controls , Max Noise(Db): 58

Key benefits

  • High suction capacity
  • Wall-mounted kitchen chimney featuring a curved glass panel
  • 90 cm size enough for covering a 4-burner stove
  • Smooth touch control
  • Lesser noise

Best for

This appliance is best for any modern mid-sized household (of family size 4-8 members) having a mid-sized kitchen (of 220 sq. ft. approx.) that prefers Indian-style cooking.

You can read a detailed guide on how to select a kitchen chimney.

Final Thoughts 

Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney can be considered for any kitchen with moderate to high cooking activities. 

The second best option is – Hindware Nadia Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney that features the highest suction capacity required for several Indian kitchens. 

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