10 Best Flour Mills for Home Use in India (Atta Chakki) 2022

As per the research, the whole wheat flour must be consumed immediately, as it loses as much as half of its nutritional value within a day of grinding, and about 80-90 percent within a few days. An atta chakki or flour mill would help make fresh atta every day, without losing its nutritional value and keeping the taste intact.

If you are in a hurry, you can quickly go through our top 3 picks for best flour mills for home use listed in the table below –

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Given below are the top 10 best atta chakki in India for a home that you can consider purchasing for your daily household uses-

10 Best Flour Mills for Home Use in India 2022

#1. King Automatic Flour Mill (Noise Free Appliance)

King Automatic Flour Mill (noise free appliance)

King Automatic Flour Mill is a low-noise and power-efficient flour mill that can grind flour with 6 different levels of fineness. The King flour mill comes with 6 filter nets to adjust the flour grinding fineness. With a power motor support of 750 watts, this domestic flour mill can grind up to 5 kg of flour in one go. 

With smart features like powerful motor support, high output capacity, anti-spill design, and weighing only 45 kgs, this flour mill is your true kitchen companion.


  •  230 volts of power consumption
  • 750-watt powerful motor
  • Maximum 5 kg capacity
  • Automatic LED lights
  • Flour collection anti-leak bag
  • Cleaning brush provided
  • 6 filter net attachments
  • Castor wheels attached

Key Advantages

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Power-efficient
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Can grind various types of flour
  • Steel body inside
  • Noise-free 

Best For 

If you are looking for noise-free Atta chakki to grind flour and pulses only during the odd hours of the day. 

#2. ShreejiFine Domestic Flour Mill (Child Safety Features)

Sree Krishna Atta Chakki (semi-automatic, budget priced)

ShreejiFine is a reputed brand in the field of Flour Mills. The grinder comes with auto grain sensing technology that senses the quantity and acts accordingly. The grinding mill has a grinding chamber that has 6 blades attached to adjust the grinding fineness. 

There’s a slider ring fabric attached to the grinding chamber to ensure there’s no flour leakage while the grinder is functional. 

The inside of the flour grinder is made of high-quality stainless steel that can be wiped clean to maintain hygiene. The outside of this flour grinder is a designer modular cabinet to suit your modern kitchen interiors. 


  • 220 volts power supply
  • 1 HP induction motor (Single Phase)
  • 5 MP power plug with 2 meters power cord
  • 8 filters available
  • Ease in moving with heavy-duty castor wheels
  • Automatic LED light inside
  • Ring Slider
  • Air Filter

Key advantages

  • Elegant look, sturdy and long-lasting
  • Consumes less power
  • Child safety option
  • Overload protection feature
  • Easy to use
  • Fully automatic

Best For 

If you prefer freshly-ground spices, flours and pulses then you should buy this. You can use the appliance daily without worrying about power consumption as it consumes less energy. 

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#3. MicroActive Classic Fully Automatic Flour Mill (with Child Safety Lock)

MicroActive Classic Fully Automatic Flour Mill (with child safety lock)

This flour mill comes with a capability of 880 RPM and can ground up to 10 kilograms of flour per hour. It has the support of a 750-watt motor that makes this appliance quite sturdy. You can simply pour the whole grain/pulses/spices, plug on the switch, and gather the flour once grounded. 

It is easy to operate and has an automatic safety lock to avoid any accidents. The appliance is quite lightweight and compact in design. Using the castor wheels, you can move the appliance easily for cleaning purposes. 


  • 230-volt power consumption
  • 750-watt powerful motor
  • can grind 10 kg flour per hour
  • Castor wheels for easy movement
  • 6 filter nets available to adjust the grinding fineness

Key advantages

  • A smart and elegant look to suit modern kitchens
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Can be moved easily
  • Saves big on power bills
  • High grinding capacity
  • Advanced safety features

Best For 

Ideal for a family size of 7-8 members with the requirement of advanced safety features. 

#4. Navsukh Automatic Flour Mill (Overload Protection)

Navsukh Automatic Flour Mill (overload protection)

This easy-to-use flour mill can grind 12 kilograms of any flour per hour. It has a 2880 RPM motor support that makes the appliance quite sturdy.

The inside chamber is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel that ensures no iron particles or other foreign substances get in. The child lock feature makes you tension-free of any accidents.


  • 230 volts power consumption
  • 8 various filter nets are provided
  • 4 castor wheels provided
  • brush and microfibre cloth provided for cleaning
  • ABFM technology-enabled grinder

Key advantages

  • Elegant modular outlook
  • High grinding capacity
  • Can function on low voltage
  • Comes with overload protection
  • Child safety feature
  • Auto feeding feature-no need to worry about putting grains

Best For 

This appliance is suitable for large family sizes with 7-8 members that primarily consume wheat flour staples. 

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#5. Natraj Florence Atta Chakki (Inbuilt Vacuum Cleaner)

Natraj Florence Atta Chakki (inbuilt vacuum cleaner)

Powered with German technology, this India-made flour mill is a must-have in households where chakki fresh atta is a necessity. The most attractive feature of this appliance is that it has an in-built vacuum cleaner to clean the indoors automatically, hence making it easy to maintain. 

The inside body is made of cold-forged metal that makes grinding without any iron particles. The flour mill consumes very little electricity per hour, i.e. 0.75 units, saving big on the energy bills. Natraj flour mill can grind up to 10 kilograms of flour per hour.


  • 2880 RPM speed of the motor
  • Can grind 10 kilograms of flour per hour
  • 1 HP motor power
  • The grinding chamber is made of cold-forged metal
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • 0.75 units per hour power consumption

Key advantages

  • Designer outer body
  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • High grinding capacity
  • Nylon wheels for smooth movement
  • Child safety lock
  • Adjustable filters to manage grinding fineness

Best For 

A good option for the health-conscious modern families that want to consume everything fresh and home-made, from whole wheat flour to spices, and require child safety lock due to having kids. 

#6. Vincent D-210 Flour Mill (Low Electricity Consumption)

Vincent D-210 Flour Mill (low electricity consumption)

The flour mill from the house of Vincent is the most stylish flour mill with multitudes of features. It consumes only 0.75 units of power and can function properly in low voltage conditions. 

It has 6 grinding attachments that make grinding jobs quite easy. You can grind around 10 kilograms of flour using the appliance. An automatic on and off system makes it easy to operate without any manual.


  • The stainless steel plates located above and below the grinder
  • Castor wheels provided 
  • Automatic LED light
  • 40 kilograms weight
  • 7 net filters for various grinding abilities
  • 6 fan grinder attachment

 Key advantages

  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Air circulation facility for moisture free flour grinding
  • Digital print outlook
  • Stainless steel inside the body
  • Protection from electric fluctuations
  • Can function on low voltage

Best For 

This appliance is ideal for mid-sized families of 5-6 members that face electricity fluctuations. 

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#7. Cookwell Instagrind Mixer Grinder and Flour Mill (Dry and Wet Grinding)

Cookwell Instagrind Mixer Grinder and Flour Mill (dry and wet grinding)

Grind spices, grains, and pulses without any hassle with the Cookwell mixer grinder and flour mill. The appliance can help grind flour at low temperatures, keeping the nutrients locked in the flour. 

The appliance comes with 4 different filter net attachments to grind coarse grains and pulses to smooth herbs and chili flakes. This appliance combines the features of a regular juicer, mixer, and grinder with a domestic flour mill, and this feature-rich appliance makes your life quite easier without investing in separate appliances. 


  • 750-watt powerful motor support
  • Copper wire (dual-coated)
  • 7.35 kg weight
  • Plastic outer body
  • Inner body made of stainless steel
  • 4 grinding attachments included

Key advantages

  • 4-in-1 appliance for dry and wet grinding
  • low power consumption
  • Quite lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • powerful motor backup
  • 4 mesh attachments for grinding fineness

Best For 

Kitchen size with smaller space and want to use it for a variety of food items like wet/dry grind pulses, spices, and grains. 

#8. ShreejiFine Atta Chakki Gharghanti Domestic Flour Mill (In-built Vacuum Cleaner)

ShreejiFine Atta Chakki Gharghanti Domestic Flour Mill with a vacuum cleaner- Hexagon design (in-built vacuum cleaner)

ShreejiFine Flour Mills are quite popular household appliances designed with auto-clean features, as they have in-built vacuum cleaners to swap away any residue inside the grinder. You can grind a maximum of 12 kilograms of flour per hour, making the device quite efficient. 

The inside is designed with a cold-forged metal chamber that ensures hygienic grinding. The anti-leak design of the grinder ensures no grain/flour is wasted. Auto switch on/off facility ensures that you can grind flour easily, without any hassle.


  • 1 HP powerful motor support
  • Maximum 12 kilograms of output per hour
  • Copper winded wires
  • 17-mm MDF exterior
  • Air Filter 
  • 6 blade grinder

Key Advantages

  • Sturdy MDF body
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Castor wheels for easy movement of the appliance
  • grinder made with food-grade material 
  • Energy efficient
  • Overload protection feature
  • High grinding capacity

Best For 

Large family, as you can grind up to 12 kg per hour, and has overload protection features.

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#9. Classic Atta Chakki Fully Automatic 2 in 1 Domestic Flour Mill (with Advanced Child Safety Features)\

Classic Atta Chakki Fully Automatic 2 in 1 Domestic Flour Mill, (classic 2 in 1 bluestone) (with advanced child safety features)

This elegant flour mill by Classic is a smart appliance, featuring advanced child safety, power fluctuation protection, and easy-to-operate functions. You don’t need any demo to use this appliance. The appliance is lightweight yet sturdy for heavy-duty performance. The appliance can grind a maximum of 10 kg flour in an hour. 


  • Maximum of 10 kg grinding capability
  • 220 volts power consumption
  • 50 kg weight
  • 7 set filter net
  • 2-in-1 drum blade
  • Attached wheels
  • Brush for cleaning
  • 2 cloth bags provided for flour collection

Key advantages

  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • Elegant look
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful motor support
  • High grinding capacity
  • Can dry-grind anything

Best For 

The appliance can be useful for a big household with 7-8 health-conscious members who require easy cleaning features due to their busy schedules. The flour mill is suitable for any household that consumes staples and food items like Rava, paratha, roti, and cereal-based items.

#10. MicroActive 2-in-1 Masala and Grains Grinder (with Advanced Child Safety Features)

MicroActive 2-in-1 Masala and Grains Grinder (with advanced child safety features)

This Masala and Grains Grinder is one of the products that has earned the most positive feedback from customers. This appliance is available with an advanced child safety feature that ensures you can safely use it without any chances of accidents from the young members of the house. The grinding chamber has 6 blade attachments for smooth grinding, while the stainless steel container stores the grounded flour. The fabric filter ring is designed to prevent leakage, and the castor wheels ensure ease in appliance movement.


  • Powerful motor with 2880 RPM speed 
  • Copper bound wires
  • 1 HP motor power
  • 10 kilogram per hour grinding capacity
  • 5-kilogram hopper size

Key advantages

  • High grinding capacity
  • Easy to handle appliance
  • Castor wheels for easy movement
  • Elegant look with stylish cabinets
  • Power-saving appliance
  • Available with spice hopper to grinding spices

Best For 

This flour mill can be ideal for a large family size of  7-8 members with kids as it has advanced child lock features. 

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Buying Guide for Domestic Flour Mills

#1. Power Consumption

An average domestic flour mill with a capacity to grind 10-15 kilograms of grain per hour would roughly consume 1.5 units per hour. The lighter ones would consume approx 0.75 units of electricity per hour. Make sure to check energy-saving ratings before you decide to purchase one.

#2. Grinding Power

Dry grinding requires more power, so make sure to purchase the flour mill that has powerful motor support and can grind the grains smooth. Usually, flour mills with 2-3 HP motors are the best for home use.

#3. Types of Flour mill

The flour mills for home use are available in three main varieties- Fully automatic, Semi-Automatic, and manual. Manual ones might be cheaper, but you need to apply a lot of energy grinding grains with a manual flour mill. A fully automatic flour mill can be convenient to use.

#4. Child Safety Features

Child safety options ensure the flour mill’s doors are completely locked while functioning. Appliances like Shreeji Fine flour mill (specific model) and Natraj Florence atta chakki are available with advanced child safety features.

#5. Auto-cleaning Feature

Few of the fully automatic flour mills have inbuilt vacuum cleaners that make them an ideal choice for a busy household. You can buy domestic flour mills like Milcent Neo with Vaccu Clean or Natraj Belleza Atta Chakki GharGhanti Automatic Flour mill that have inbuilt vacuum cleaners to make the cleaning an easy task.

#6. Lesser Noise

While considering a domestic flour mill, you need to look for the no/lesser noise models. The silent flour mills can be quite helpful to use the atta chakki at any time. Appliances like Natraj BRIO Atta Chakki and King flour mill are available in no/lesser noise options.

#7. Other Features

You can look for other features like design, compactness, weight, and attachments available with the appliance. 

You can always look for the best options without compromising your budget while choosing a domestic flour mill, as there are several options available – from pocket-friendly ones to high-end flour mills with advanced features.

Closing Thoughts

I would suggest you to go with MicroActive Classic Fully Automatic Flour Mill as it is child safe and can provide around 10 kilograms of flour per hour. 

My second favourite appliance is Cookwell Instagrind Mixer Grinder and Flour Mill, that can be used both for dry and wet grinding. 

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