5 Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India Review (with product recommendation)

Whether you want a new kitchen sink for your newly upgraded kitchen or you want to replace your old kitchen sink, you are aware that choosing the appropriate kitchen sink is a hectic task.

Since kitchen sinks now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, ranging from conventional stainless steel to more modern granite. Numerous options make it more difficult to choose the right one.

Moreover, you may end up buy a low-quality product from any random brand, if you are unaware of the top brands.

We have shortlisted the top 5 kitchen sink brands and the 2 best products of each brand to help you finalize your kitchen sink as per requirements. You will not only know about the premium products but also high-quality sinks at a budget price.

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Top 5 Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India 2022

#1. Crocodile

Crocodile is the leading brand of kitchen sinks in India which is known for handmade kitchen sinks. Established in 1997, Crocodile earns its expertise in premium quality stainless steel sinks for kitchens and offers a huge variety of options according to your needs.

Top 2 Best Crocodile Sinks

#1. CROCODILE 304 Grade Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 

CROCODILE 304 Grade Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 

The Crocodile single bowl sink offers a 304-grade stainless steel sink with a glossy satin finish in an eye-catching rectangular shape design. The sink has a single large deep bowl with a non-porous surface, which prevents food from sticking over and is easy to clean.

The Crocodile sink comes with square waste coupling and soundproof material that absorbs maximum noise during use. The Crocodile single bowl sink is a premium quality handmade sink suitable for small kitchens.

304-grade stainless steel materialSlightly expensive than other competitor brands
Great aesthetics
Easy to clean
Available in multiple sizes
7 years warranty 

#2. CROCODILE HM-3718S Sink


The Crocodile HM-3718S sink has a high-grade stainless steel body which comes with a unique double bowel design that provides a large surface for convenient and easy use.

The 2 bowels are made at different levels which are approx 3 inches apart.  The upper bowel can be used as a dry tray while the lower bowel can be used for washing utensils and other kitchen products.

The Crocodile 3718S sink has separate chambers for knife storage and a soap dispenser that saves on the kitchen space. The sink is also provided with a fruit basket that can be used to rinse fruits or vegetables or for keeping breakable crockery. 

Stainless steel sink with 37″ x 18″ x 10″ sizeInstallation needs more space, therefore not suitable for smaller kitchens.
2 bowls provide large space for different purposesExpensive 
Comes with a fruit basket 
Has separate space for knife storage and soap dispenser
Rectangular water drainer for quick drainage

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#2. Zinzer

Zinzer is the leading brand of Quartz / Composite sinks of premium quality by Kruti Engineers Limited situated in Bhavnagar, India. 

Being one of the very few composite sink producers, the Zinzer uses upgraded materials and techniques in manufacturing sinks to meet the modernized kitchen standards.

Top 2 Zinzer Sinks

#1. ZINZER Granite/Quartz Kitchen Sink 

ZINZER Granite-Quartz Kitchen Sink 

Zinzer sink contains quartz and acrylic that makes it sturdy along with a great aesthetic look.

The smooth surface of the Zinzer sink is easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and can withstand high temperatures for many years without any disfigurement or breakage.

The single bowl 24-inch sink takes less space and is ideal for a small kitchen.

Quartz sink with 26″ x 22″ x 4″ sizeNot suitable for large kitchens.
Scratch  and heat resistantSlightly expensive 
Highly durable
Easy to clean
Comes in various colors and sizes

#2. ZINZER Granite/Quartz Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

ZINZER Granite-Quartz Kitchen Sink with Drainboar

The Zinzer kitchen sink contains a drainboard which is good for drying washed utensils or foodstuff. Made up of a unique polymerizing method, the blended quartz, and granite form a very strong material that ensures the high quality of Zinzer sinks. 

If you need a kitchen sink with a granite look with flush mount installation, you can go with a Zinzer quartz kitchen sink with a drainboard.

Quartz sink with 36” x 18” x 8″ sizeNot suitable for smaller kitchens.
Odor-free and stain-free materialNot ideal for top or under-mount installation.
Drainboard for drying purposes
Various colors and sizes are available

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#3. Alton

Alton started in 1998 and has emerged as a popular kitchen and bath decor brand because of its reliable products that offer great quality within a budget-friendly range.

Top 2 Alton Sinks 

#1. ALTON Double Bowl Handmade Kitchen Sink

ALTON Double Bowl Handmade Kitchen Sink

Alton double bowl sink is made of premium quality stainless steel which is corrosion-free and dent-free. 

The sink has SOUND GUARD UNDERCOATING and thick rubber padding inside to minimize noise. The design of the sink prevents water blockage in the sink.

Quartz sink with 45” x 20” x 10″ sizeRequires almost 4 feet area
Corrosion-free stainless steelFake products available online
Dent free
Noise-free thick rubber padding
Less expensive

#2. ALTON Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

ALTON Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

If you have a small kitchen and you are looking for a durable steel sink, then go with Alton single bowl sink.  

With a 2.5mm thickness body, the sink is highly durable and dent-proof. The thick rubber padding is good for noise-free working. The Alton sink has a specific angle that keeps glass-based utensils from falling into the sink.

Sink size is 24” x 18” x 10″ Fake products available online
Corrosion and dent-free stainless steel
Unique design protects glassware from falling
Thick rubber padding for less noise
Less expensive

#4. Kaff

Kaff is a big name in premium kitchen accessories including kitchen sinks which are available in stainless steel as well as in granite stone.

Top 2 Kaff Sinks

#1. Kaff KS610SB(R10) Bowl Sink

Kaff KS610SB(R10) Bowl Sink

Kaff single bowl stainless steel sink comes with a sound reduction pad on the bottom that reduces extra noise during the washing of utensils. 

The sink has an anti-condensation coating that can help protect from mold formation.

Sink size is 25” x 19” x 25″ Premium brand with expensive products
Anti-condensation coating to reduce mold formation
Sound reduction pad to reduce noise
Ideal for small kitchen
Smooth finish for easy clean

#2. Kaff Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Kaff Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Kaff double bowl sink is made of premium quality stainless steel that can be used for years because of its durability. 

The sink is 4 feet long and divided into 2 sections which are ideal for joint families where a large number of utensils are used regularly. The Kaff sink has a thick body that absorbs noise during washing chores and an anti-condensation layer that reduces the mould formation

Sink size is 47” x 22” x 11″ Expensive 
Anti-condensation coating to reduce mould formation
Stain-free and rust-free body
Deep sink to place more utensils
Easy to clean

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#5. Carysil

Carysil is among the world’s largest producers of quartz kitchen sinks in collaboration with Schock & Co., Germany. Carysil products are high in quality and lifelong durability.

Top 2 Carysil Sinks

#1. Carysil Original SCHOCK German Engineered Sink

Carysil Original SCHOCK German Engineered Sink

Carysil double bowl sink has a unique design as one bowl is small, providing a small platform that can be used to place dishwasher bottles, soap, and other stuff to save space. 

The sink is made of Quartz that is highly durable and can be used for a long time. The sink comes in multiple colors to match your kitchen interiors. You can go with the Carysil sink if you need a designer double bowl sink at a low price.

Sink size – 34” x 20” x 8″ Size is small for a double bowl sink
Quartz material for durability
Comes in 3 color variants
Doesn’t take much space
Less expensive

#2. Carysil Quartz New Ascend Single Bowl Sink with Drainer

Carysil Quartz New Ascend Single Bowl Sink with Drainer

Carysil sink has one bowl with a drainer to dry washed utensils before putting them in the cabinet. The Quartz sink has a superior matt finish with a smooth surface and a sturdy build. 

If your kitchen is small and you cannot afford much space for double bowl sinks, you can certainly go for the Carysil single bowl sink which has an in-built drainer and saves on the kitchen space.

Sink size is 34” x 20” x 10″ Not found
Great aesthetics and durable
Deep sink bowl
Takes less space

Closing Thoughts 

If you need a premium quality stainless steel sink for a large kitchen and the price is no concern, then go with the Crocodile double bowl sink that has a large surface with separate space for knife storage and a soap dispenser.

If you want a large granite sink to match your interiors, then a Zinzer granite sink with a drainboard is the best option.

Carysil Original SCHOCK German Engineered Sink can be used in a medium-sized kitchen that requires only 3 feet of space and comes in a budget-friendly range.

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