5 Best Lunch Box for Office Use in India 2022

A traditional lunch box was always visualized as a round-shaped 3-4 compartment stackable box, but those are now replaced with some modern and multi-functional lunch boxes. 

In this article, we have carefully selected the 5 best lunch boxes for office use in India and the features do they offer-

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Best Lunch Box for Office in India 2022

#1. Borosil Glass Office Tiffin Box

Borosil Glass Office Tiffin Box

Made of pure borosilicate glass material, this lunch box set is studier than the ordinary glass lunch boxes. Moreover, the Borosil lunch box remains stain-free and fresh-smelling. The lunchbox lid has a silicone gasket attached to it that ensures there’s no leakage or spillage, even when you’re carrying semi-liquid food items. 

You can use the container directly in the microwave or in a refrigerator as every Borosil container is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. As the lunch box is made of glass and not plastic, it would keep the food wholesome for hours.

With its simple designs and easy-to-remove gasket, you can easily wash it without any hassle and can put it in the dishwasher too.


  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Number of lunch boxes: 2
  • Container Quantity : 370 ml (370 ml x 2)
  • Accessories included: blue bag
  • Insulation: not available

Key features

  • Made of glass
  • Spill-proof
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Scratch-proof
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Doesn’t retain a stale smell

#2. Milton Lunch Box for Office Executive Lunch

Milton Lunch Box for Office Executive Lunch

Milton is a budget-priced lunch box set ideal for office users who love to enjoy fresh and hygienic food. The lunch box set has three containers to keep roti/rice, dal, and sabzi without any leakage issue.

It has two round boxes made of stainless steel and one oval container made of plastic.

This 3 set lunchbox from Milton comes in a fabric bag (with handles) that makes it easier to carry and wash. Additionally, you would get a complimentary plastic spoon and fork with this lunchbox.


  • Material: Plastic and stainless steel
  • Number of lunch boxes: 3
  • Container Quantity : 260 ml (260 ml x 3)
  • Accessories included: fabric washable bag, spoon, and fork
  • Insulation: not available

Key Features

  • Budget-priced 3-set lunchbox
  • Made of stainless steel material
  • Has air-tight lids
  • Available with a spoon and fork
  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to carry and clean

#3. Signoraware Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box Set 

Signoraware Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box Set

Signoraware lunch box set is made of borosilicate glass and polypropylene tumbler that makes it quite easy to use and handle. 

The lunchbox set features stackable tiffin containers that can resist/withstand up to 400 degrees Celsius of temperature. So, you can reheat your food items and enjoy piping hot food even at your workplace.

The set has a 500 ml tumbler (for water and beverages) and 3 tiffin containers, each of 310 ml capacity. Along with all these, you’ll get an elegant, water-resistant fabric bag to carry the set easily.


  • Material: polypropylene and borosilicate glass
  • Number of lunch boxes: 3+1 (tumbler)
  • Container Quantity : 260 ml (310 ml x 3) + 500 ml
  • Accessories included : fabric washable bag
  • Insulation: not available 

Key features

  • Made of high-quality glass material
  • Microwave, refrigerator, oven, and freezer proof
  • Anti-spill click lock
  • Food-grade quality
  • Easily stackable
  • Ergonomically designed 

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Best Electric Lunch box in India

#4. Jaypee Plus Hott line electric Lunch Box

Jaypee Plus Hott line electric Lunch Box (Electric Lunch Box)

Get fresh food anywhere and any time with this electric lunch box from the brand – Jaypee Plus Hott line. Plugin and wait for 45 minutes to heat your food without any fuss. Moreover, the auto cut-off feature saves you and your lunchbox set from any accidents due to overheating.

The lunchbox containers are made of thermos steel (stainless), and the outer body is made of BPA-free plastic. As a result, your food remains safe and hygienic even after several hours.

This compact and lightweight Jaypee Plus Hott line lunchbox set has a power cord attached to it and the containers are well-capacitated to carry any food item with ease.


  • Material: Thermosteel (stainless), BPA-free plastic
  • Number of lunch boxes: 3
  • Container Quantity: 1.5 liters
  • Accessories included: fabric washable bag
  • Insulation: 220-240 volts, 100-watt heater load

Key features

  • Stackable thermosteel lunch box
  • Easy to plug in and heat feature
  • Auto cut off
  • Outer body made of BPA-free plastic
  • Portable and easy to clean

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#5. Milton Futron Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Box

Milton Futron Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Box

Enjoy your meal hot and crisp anywhere with this electric lunch box set from Milton. You can plug it into a car adapter or a normal switchboard near your cubicle, wait for half an hour, and enjoy fresh & home-cooked food. This electric lunch box set from Milton Comes with a 2-wall insulated case that has a fabric belt for ease of carrying along. 

This electric lunch box consumes less energy (80 watts only), has an LED ON/OFF indicator and an auto cut-off feature, making it easy to use by anyone.

The containers have a single-press opening lid made of heat-tolerant plastic and a shock-proof stainless steel body. The lunchbox and the case are Thermostat-safe.


  • Material: stainless steel (container), plastic (outer body, lid)
  • Number of lunch boxes: 4
  • Container Quantity : 360 ml x 4
  • Accessories included: a plastic case with fabric belt
  • Insulation: 230 volt AC, 80-watt power consumption

Key Features

  • 4 shock-proof stainless steel tiffin containers
  • Plug-in and heat in 30 minutes
  • The case made of heat-tolerant plastic
  • LED ON/OFF indicator
  • Auto cut-off
  • Energy efficient

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Closing Thoughts

You can go with the Borosil Glass tiffin box as it is made of sturdy glass, ergonomically designed, and can withstand high/low temperatures. 

Milton electric lunch box set with 4 lunch boxes too is quite a good choice, as you can easily plugin and heat the food anywhere without any fuss (all you need is a plug point). 

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