10 Best Vegetable Chopper in India (Manual & Electric)

A vegetable chopper effectively reduces your food preparation time and efforts. Choose the one that is easy to use, easy to clean, meets the capacity requirements, and preferably has stainless steel blades.

You might be confused to select from a wide range of electric and manual vegetable choppers available in the market. To help you out, we have researched and shortlisted the 10 best vegetable choppers in India 2022 further divided into 2 categories –

  • Best manual vegetable chopper
  • Best electric vegetable chopper in India

Let’s start the review of each top vegetable chopper in India

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Best Manual Vegetable Chopper in India 2022

#1. Pigeon Mini Vegetable Chopper

Pigeon Mini Vegetable Chopper

Pigeon is a well-known Indian household appliances brand that has been in the market for more than two decades. The Pigeon manual chopper is a 3-piece appliance that has a container, a blade attachment, and a lid with a strong string attached to it.

It requires not much manual labor to function and is cost-effective too. The appliance is quite safe to use and can chop vegetables in no time.

Key advantages

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sturdy Polypropylene body
  • 8 degree inclined Stainless steel blades with 3 wings
  • Safe for dish-washing
  • No power source required
  • Anti-skid base
  • Safety lock on the lid
  • Strong polyester string

#2. Amazon Solimo Large Vegetable Chopper 

Amazon Solimo Large Vegetable Chopper 

The Solimo vegetable chopper has a container with a capacity of 500 ml and can chop vegetables or fruits enough for 3-4 people. The container has a polystyrene body while the lid is made of polypropylene material, making them last longer.

The vegetable chopper has 4 locks to ensure high standards of safety. Since this chopper has a simple design, it is easily washable too.

Key advantages

  • Easy to operate and handy
  • Lightweight
  • 500 ml container capacity
  • Compact size
  • High-quality plastic material 
  • Advanced 4-lock safety
  • Easy to pull string
  • Easy to clean
  • Transparent body to check the chopping

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#3. Wonderchef India Classic String Vegetable Chopper 

Wonderchef India Classic String Vegetable Chopper 

When you have the brand recommendation of a celebrity chef like Sanjeev Kapoor, you know the appliances are truly useful. This vegetable chopper with its elegant white and transparent look is what we require in our modern kitchen. 

Wonderchef vegetable chopper has a silicone base that prevents the container from slipping.

Apart from chopping onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, and cabbages, this handy appliance has a whisker attachment that can be used to whisk cream and eggs. The three blades are placed in various levels to make the chopping process smooth.

Key advantages

  • 3 sharp blades on various levels
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Transparent container
  • Whisker attachment provided
  • Anti-slip silicone base
  • No electricity required to operate
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Budget-priced
Preview Product Rating Price
Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper (White) - Set of 2 Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper (White) - Set of 2 No ratings yet ₹ 1,249

#4. Butterfly Premium Vegetable Chopper 

Butterfly Premium Vegetable Chopper 

More than 7 decades of designing and manufacturing household appliances have made Butterfly a popular household name, and a brand of trust. Butterfly vegetable choppers are ergonomically designed to chop fruits and vegetables without putting in much manual effort.

You can chop carrots, cabbages, tomatoes, ginger, dry fruits, nuts, and other vegetables in no time and make your kitchen chores an easy job. 

The container has 900 ml capacity and is made of sturdy ABS plastic material that gives the appliance a long life. The transparent body allows us to see the chopping progress.

Key advantages

  • High container capacity to chop more fruits/vegetables
  • 3 sharp blades to make chopping effortless
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Anti-skid base
  • Dishwasher safe
Preview Product Rating Price
Butterfly Premium Vegetable Chopper 900 Ml, Blue Butterfly Premium Vegetable Chopper 900 Ml, Blue No ratings yet ₹ 264

#5. Signoraware Quick Chopper Square

Signoraware Quick Chopper Square

This Signoraware vegetable square has a container with 1000 ml capacity and is made of food-grade plastic material that ensures hygienic vegetable and fruit chopping. There’s a lid window that makes it easy to pour without opening the lid completely. The 6 stainless steel blades ensure smooth vegetable chopping and dicing. 

The string is durable enough to last long, and the appliance is easy to clean and maintain.

Key Advantages

  • BPA-free container
  • High container capacity
  • 6 multi-level stainless steel blades
  • Easy pouring window in the lid
  • Safety lock
  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Strong pulling string

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Best Electric Vegetable Chopper in India 2022

#6. Prestige PEC 1.0 450-Watt Electric Chopper

Prestige PEC 1.0 450-Watt Electric Chopper

The prestige chopper has a transparent container that allows you to look inside and check the progress in chopping. You can chop vegetables and fruits in no time, only by pressing a button. 

You can mince meat, chop vegetables, or shred nuts easily with the Prestige chopper. This Prestige electric chopper has a powerful 450 watts powerful motor that does its mincing, crushing, chopping, and dicing job effectively. 

The 2 stainless steel sharp blades slice off the food items smoothly and make cooking fun.

Key advantages

  • Energy efficient
  • Single-touch operation
  • Multi-purpose chopper
  • Elegant design
  • Transparent container
  • 450 watts powerful motor
  • Sturdy body

#7. Borosil Plastic Chefdelite Chopper

Borosil Plastic Chefdelite Chopper

As the name suggests, Borosil ChefDelite Chopper is true ‘Chef’s Delight’ when it comes to functionalities. This electric chopper from Borosil comes with a ‘chop-and-serve’ bowl that has a capacity of 500 ml. 

The chopper comes with two-speed options- turbo and normal. This elegant white-colored vegetable chopper can chop any vegetable and fruit. 

Chopping is fun when you can chop everything and store it in the same container to use directly from there.

Key advantages

  • Ergonomically designed to chop vegetables
  • Separate turbo switch for tough chopping chores
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom
  • Chop-serve-n-store” container
  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Portable and handy
  • Measurement chart on the container

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#8. Bajaj Chop Pro Chopper with Whisking Blade 

Bajaj Chop Pro Chopper with Whisking Blade 

This reasonably priced and feature-rich Bajaj Chop Pro Chopper is ergonomically designed to suit the needs of Indian households. The chopper has two blades attached and a whisk attachment to make the chopping and whisking tasks easier. With a container capacity of 800 ml, you can chop vegetables, fruits, and nuts for a family of 7-8 members. 

You can use the whisker attachment to whisk, cream, coffee, smoothies, and eggs.

With 300 watts of powerful DC motor, the appliance operates silently and does its job perfectly. The appliance comes with 2 years of warranty against any damage.

Key advantages

  • Elegant and compact design
  • 300 watts of powerful DC motor
  • Whisking attachment
  • 2 sharp blades to chop finely
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Budget-priced
  • 900 grams weight

#9. Inalsa Bullet 400-Watt Electric Chopper

Inalsa Bullet 400-Watt electric chopper

This bullet electric chopper from Inalsa is a silent chopper that can be operated continuously for 3 minutes without getting heated up. With 400 watts of powerful motor support, you can trust this appliance to function the way you want it to. 

Chop, purée or mince anything without any hassle as this appliance has two sturdy stainless steel blades that perform any dicing, chopping, or mince task with ease.

 With 900 ml of total capacity and 500 ml of food processing capacity, you can do the cutting and chopping jobs in no time.

Key advantages

  • Versatile use- chopping, mincing, dicing and puréeing
  • Made of sturdy ABS plastic material
  • stainless steel twin blades
  • Anti-spill guard container lid
  • Can be used continuously for 3 minutes
  • Energy efficient
  • 400-watt powerful motor support
  • Single switch operation

#10. Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper 

Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper 

This purple masterpiece from the house of Orpat has earned positive feedback from several satisfied customers/users. Reasonably priced, the Orpat Express chopper chops fruits/vegetables and makes purée in no time.

 This electric chopper can function with a single switch press and does not require much energy to work. 

The vegetable/fruit chopper does its job silently, thanks to its 250 watts powerful motor support. The lid of the vegetable chopper is an anti-spill that can be used later to store shredded vegetables and fruits.

Key advantages

  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • 250 watts of powerful motor support
  • Single-switch operation
  • No-noise technology
  • The lid transforms into a storage container
  • Sturdy base
  • Can be used to chop and puree
Preview Product Rating Price
Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper (Purple) Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper (Purple) ₹ 1,235

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Closing Thoughts

Vegetable chopper replaces the need of kitchen knife & chopping board for chopping, mincing and dicing purpose.

If you are still confused, I personally recommend the Butterfly manual vegetable chopper that is quite budget-priced, has a high capacity (can chop vegetables in more quantity), and is quite handy. 

You can also buy a Borosil Plastic Chefdelite Chopper that can do other tasks like mincing, whisking, and chopping smoothly.

The Bajaj chop pro vegetable chopper too can be considered as it has higher capacity and can be used for whisking as well.

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