Bosch Chimney Review (Wall Mounted, Island, Telescopic & in-Built)

Bosch chimneys are equipped with powerful motors with copper windings that ensure quick and easy suction of kitchen smoke with noiseless operation. 

With different filter options, be it baffle filters for heavy Indian cooking or carbon filters for recirculation of air into the kitchen, you have multiple options to choose from the Bosch chimney catalog. Let’s discuss them in detail.

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Bosch Chimney Overview 

Bosch offers ducted chimneys and auto-clean chimneys that are designed appropriately to make your kitchen cleaning an easy and hassle-free task.

Bosch chimneys are constructed into beautiful designs with innovative technology to meet the standards of all kinds of kitchens providing a healthy cooking environment with fresh and odor-free air.

While maintaining the standard Bosch technology for all the products, there is a huge variety of product range with additional features. Bosch chimneys are launched into 4 Series as described below.

  • Serie 2 – good quality chimneys of bosch within the low price range
  • Serie 4 – chimneys with silent working with a mid-price range
  • Serie 6 and Serie 8 – both with premium product range

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Bosch Wall Mounted Chimney Review

Bosch Wall Mounted Chimney Review

Wall-mounted chimneys are installed adjacent to the wall over the cooking hob

They are common in traditional kitchens as the cooking space is towards one side of the kitchen near the wall.

Wall-mounted chimneys are suitable for small kitchens as minimal pipes or ducting is needed. These chimneys have products with duct or ductless working systems.

Top 3 Bosch Wall Mounted Chimneys

#1. Bosch 60cm Wall Mounted Chimney (DWG068D50I) Review

Bosch 60cm Wall Mounted Chimney (DWG068D50I)

The  Bosch chimney with model DWG068D50I comes with the 350W powered motor which is capable of absorbing the kitchen smoke and odor with great ease and efficiency.

Bosch Chimney Model DWG068D50I works through push control buttons and is designed into a beautiful wall-mounted chimney with a glass panel. Equipped with 3 layered baffle filters and 3 fan speeds, the chimney operates by producing minimal sound.

Stainless steel body and baffle filters make the chimney cleanup an easy and hassle-free task. The chimney can be used in recirculation mode also but will need to buy a separate recirculation kit.

Key Features

  • Chimney size 60cm
  • Stainless steel body with glass panel
  • 3 layered baffle filter and 3 fan speed settings
  • 350 W power motor with copper windings
  • Convertible chimney (  Recirculation mode )
  • Produces minimum noise
  • 2 years warranty on chimney and 5 years warranty on motor


  • Baffle filters need to be cleaned once in 2-3 months
  • No automatic cleanup
  • Needs separate recirculation kit for convertible mode
  • No-touch control working

Best for – If you have a compact kitchen and you want a Bosch chimney in budget friendly range

#2. Serie | 6 DWB98JR50I Wall-Mounted Cooker Hood Review

Serie 6 Wall-Mounted Cooker Hood 90 cm Stainless Steel (DWB98JR50I)

The Serie 6 Cooker Hood from Bosch comes with a perfect air sensor that automatically changes the air extraction speeds by sensing the kitchen’s air quality. The air blower remains working for 6-7 minutes even after the cooking is done to ensure total fresh air in the kitchen.

The chimney operates with an eco silence drive that works through a brushless motor that does not cause friction ensuring an extra silent environment for cooking. Also, the LED white lights save extra energy consumption.

With a stainless steel body, the Bosch chimney is easy to clean and corrosion and scratch-free. The multilayer cassette filter is also made up of stainless steel which is easy to clean. There is an extra rim ventilation filter that helps in efficient grease separation.

The chimney is convertible into recirculation mode and is provided with a recirculation kit.

With fully touch control working, the Bosch Serie 6 chimney is a smart chimney that can connect with your other smart home devices and operate through voice controls.

Key Features

  • Perfect air sensor and LED Illumination
  • Extra quiet working
  • Convertible chimney 
  • Fully touch control working with home connect features
  • 130 W motor with stainless steel cassette filter
  • Comes with intensive air extraction settings that quickly remove the strong kitchen odors or fumes.
  • Provided with recirculation kit and wall mount duct accessories.
  • 2 years warranty on chimney and 5 years warranty on motor


  • Cassette filter needs cleanup after every 2 weeks
  • Very expensive

Best for – If you want the best chimney from Bosch with hassle-free maintenance and working and have no price concerns.

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#3. Bosch DWK098G60I 90cm Chimney Review

Bosch 90cm Chimney (DWK098G60I)

The 90cm Bosch chimney is equipped with3 layered aluminum cassette filters with a beautiful inclined glass panel design. With an electronic touch control setup and 350 W motor, the chimney ensures maximum suction with minimum noise levels.

The chimney comes with a stainless steel duct and suction power of 800 Cubic Feet Per Minute which is appropriate for heavy-duty kitchens. The chimney can work on the exhaust as well as recirculation mode however, the recirculation kit does not come along with the package. 

Key Features

  • High power chimney with 340 W motor with copper windings
  • Convertible chimney with 90 cm seize size.
  • The glass panel with inclined back design
  • Electronic touch control working with minimal noise levels
  • easy to clean stainless steel multilayer mesh filter
  • Comes with 2 years warranty on the chimney and 5 years warranty on motor
  • economical


  • Mesh filter needs to be cleaned after every 2 week
  • Recirculation kit not included in the package.

Best for – Value for money product that includes premium features such as high suction power with noiseless operation and convertible technology yet in a very economical range.

Bosch Island Chimney Review

Bosch Island Chimney Review

In kitchens where the cooking platform ( kitchen island ) is situated away from the walls towards the center of the kitchen, the Island chimney is mounted from the ceiling above. Such chimneys are also called ceiling-mounted chimneys. 

Kitchen islands are the latest trend in large kitchens and the chimney installation requires an extensive ducting setup.

Top 3 Bosch Island Chimneys

#4. Serie 6 Island Cooker Hood (DIB98JQ50I) Review

Serie 6 Island Cooker Hood (DIB98JQ50I)

The Serie 6 Island Cooker Hood is the premium cooker hood with a perfect air sensor and powerful 160W motor that operates with minimal noise levels.

The stainless steel built of the chimney with an electronic touch panel and LED illumination ensures comfortable working in the kitchen and easy maintenance of the chimney. 

The stainless steel multilayer mesh filters ensure proper absorption of the kitchen smoke and are easy to clean. The chimney has a perfect air sensor that automatically detects the quality of kitchen air and adjusts the fan speeds for quick cleaning of the air.

The cooker hood DIB98JQ50I has options to operate in recirculation mode also.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel cooker hood with perfect air sensor
  • 160 W motor with noiseless operation
  • Convertible cooker hood
  • Electronic touch control panel with LED illumination
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • 3 fan speeds with 2 intensive modes
  •  Comes with a recirculation kit


  • Mesh filters need to be cleaned after every 2 weeks
  • Very expensive

Best for – If you need premium Island Cooker Hood from Bosch and the price is no bars.

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#5. Serie 4 Island Cooker Hood (DIB128G50I) Review

Serie 4 Island Cooker Hood (DIB128G50I)

One of the best models of Serie 4 Cooker Hood from Bosch with a stainless steel body and high extraction rate to keep the kitchen clean and odor-free.

The cooker hood comes with intensive speed settings and with a 350 W power motor for heavy kitchen use.

The chimney is convertible and can also work in recirculation mode. The cooker hood is equipped with multilayer stainless steel filters which are easy to clean.

The island chimney is equipped with an electronic touch control panel and LED lights that save energy consumption.

Key Features

  • Sturdy stainless steel chimney with 120 cm seize size
  • Energy-efficient  cooker hood with touch control panel
  • 350 W motor with multilayer stainless steel filters
  • Convertible
  • Low noise and LED illumination


  • Cassette filters need regular clean up after every 2 weeks

Best for – Ideal for large kitchens because of the 120 cm seize size of the chimney.

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#6. Serie | 4 Island Cooker Hood ( DIG098G501) Review

Serie 4 Island Cooker Hood ( DIG098G501)

The Island Cooker Hood ( DIG098G50) from Bosch comes with a glass panel and box design for ceiling mount. The chimney is made up of brushed stainless steel and clear glass that is easy to clean and maintain.

The chimney has an electronic touch control black panel with LED illumination that saves energy consumption as well as lightens up the cooking hob.

The chimney has intensive speed settings with a reset function that automatically increases the air suction levels according to the air quality of the kitchen and then automatically brings the settings to normal mode.

The island chimney ensures great cooking comfort with double-layered stainless steel baffle filters which are easy to clean and operates noiselessly.

Key Features

  • Powerful 350 W motor with 90 cm seize size.
  • Double layered  stainless steel baffle filters
  • Convertible chimney
  • Automatic intensive speed settings with reset mode
  • Beautiful glass panel design with electronic touch control
  • 4 fan speed settings with minimal noise levels


  • Expensive than other brands in the same segment

Best for – If you need a Bosch Island chimney with a beautiful glass panel design.

Bosch Telescopic Cooker Hoods Review

Bosch Telescopic Cooker Hoods Review

Telescopic Cooker Hoods are the chimneys that are installed into the wooden interiors of the wall adjacent to the cooking place. The telescopic cooker heads blend evenly with the kitchen cabinets and provide a sleek look to the kitchen.

The Telescopic cooker hoods come with a sliding cover that needs to be pulled out during the chimney use that enlarges the suction area of the chimney. Telescopic cooker hoods are available in ducted as well as ductless chimneys.

#7. Serie 2 Telescopic Hood ( DHI646CQI ) Review

Serie 2 Telescopic Hood ( DHI646CQI )

The Serie 2 Telescopic Hood comes with a sliding panel that is pulled out to activate the chimney. When the panel is pulled out, it enlarges the suction area which quickly absorbs the foul air and odors from the kitchens. 

The hood is equipped with a 125 W motor with 300 m³/h extraction power which is ideal for small  Indian kitchens. The grease metal filters are made up of aluminum and are dishwasher safe.

The telescopic cooker hood comes with halogen lighting for illuminating the cooking area and saves energy.

Key Features

  • Slim cooker hood with beautiful sliding design
  • Halogen lightening
  • Low power consumption
  • Convertible hood
  • Mesh filters that are dishwasher safe
  • Low noise working
  • Economical


  • You need to buy a recirculation kit in addition
  • Aluminum mesh filters need regular maintenance

Best for – If you are looking for an economical telescopic cooker hood for a small kitchen.

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Bosch Built-Under Cooker Hoods Review

Bosch Built-Under Cooker Hoods Review

Built under cooker hoods have very sleek and slim models that can be fitted over a wooden platform of the kitchen cabinets or from the ceiling above with an island cooking platform.

Built under cooker hoods are ideal for smaller kitchens as the sleek design saves kitchen space as well as provides flexibility for installation over a wall or island cooking platform.

Built under cooker hoods have a wide range of products with duct and ductless features.

#8. Serie 2 Built-under Cooker Hood (DHU636CQI) Review

Serie 2 Built-under Cooker Hood (DHU636CQI)

The Series 2 Built-under Cooker Hood (DHU636CQI) is a sleek hood from Bosch which provides you with the best results of a chimney as well as saves less space for your kitchen.

The hood is light in weight and can easily be installed on the wall or under your kitchen cabinet above the cooktop. The hood comes with 3-speed power levels that ensure proper performance in air extraction.

The built-under hood can operate in the duct or ductless modes. 

 Key Features

  • Sleek design with optimal performance
  • 3 fan speeds with 140 W motor
  • Multilayer aluminum mesh filters
  • Convertible
  • Economical


  • Mesh filters need to be cleaned regularly
  • Recirculation kit not included in the package

Best for – Compact kitchens within an economical range. 

Closing Thoughts

Though Bosch is known for premium products with a high price range, we managed to find a value for money product, the Bosch 90cm Chimney (DWK098G60I)  which is ideal for Indian kitchen use.

If you are searching for a low-budget chimney from Bosch, you can go for the Bosch 60cm Chimney DWG068D50I without any doubt.

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