Butterfly Gas Stove Review

The Butterfly Gas Stove is an innovative product that offers great value for money. The gas stove is stylish in design and easy to use. The Butterfly gas stove has a manual ignition system that ensures a simple and reliable operation. The brass burners and chrome-plated brass valves ensure a steady and safe flame.

Butterfly manufactures a large variety of gas stoves, including open flame and sealed burner stoves. The butterfly stove top is easy to install. Maintenance is also easy on a Butterfly gas stove, as it comes with a removable drip tray at the bottom for easy cleaning.

Butterfly Gas Stove is the best choice for all those who are looking for a durable and functional gas stove.

Butterfly 2 Burner Gas Stove Review

#1. Butterfly Smart Glass Top Gas Stove Review

Butterfly Smart Glass Top Gas Stove Review

The Butterfly Smart 2 Burner Gas Stove is designed with a toughened glass top which is resistant to scratch and spillages. The burners are made of brass to ensure even heating and efficient performance no matter what you’re cooking.

The stove has rubber legs for a support mechanism making it easy to use. A spill-proof design means that cleaning up after cooking is easy and mess-free.

It comes with a manual ignition system. You can use the gas lighter to ignite the burners. The stove has a flame adjustment knob for efficient cooking. You can control the heat, and flame of the stove with the help of knobs.

The nozzle can revolve 360 degrees which makes it easier to use. Butterfly gas hob comes with a uniquely designed pan support system that makes it support your utensils. You can place any utensil or pressure cooker on this stove to get better stability while cooking, thanks to the smart lock pan feature.


  • 1-year manufacturer warranty is provided
  • It is highly affordable
  • Brass burners provide even heating
  • It is durable due to toughened glass cover
  • No smoke is emitted while cooking because it has smoke-free technology


  • Autoignition feature not available.
Butterfly Smart Glass Top 2 Burner Open Gas Stove (Black), Manual Ignition
  • Unique toughened glass. Brass burner
  • Spill proof design, Shape: Rectangle. High thermal efficiency.Support...
  • Designer knobs. Uniquely designed pan support
  • 360 degree revolving nozzle. Easy cleaning. Wear Resistant : Yes
  • Color: Black, Material: Glass, Shape: Rectangle

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#2. Butterfly Smart Stainless Steel Gas Stove Review

Butterfly Smart Stainless Steel Gas Stove Review

At an affordable price, the Butterfly smart 2 Burner gas stove is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and long-lasting. The gas stove is equipped with two high-quality brass burners.

You can easily control the heat of the stove with the help of an ABS plastic knob for durability. The stove is equipped with a manual ignition system that ensures easy and quick ignition.

The unique pan support ensures better balance for your utensils while cooking. It has a 360-degree revolving nozzle which allows you to adjust the flame from any angle. The high thermal efficiency of the stove ensures faster cooking.


  • Compact in size
  • It has a durable stainless steel body
  • A manual ignition system makes it easy to ignite the stove
  • Unique pan support for better balance.


  • Require regular cleaning for consistent shine.
Butterfly Smart Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Sliver
  • Superior quality brass burners
  • Spill proof design, ABS Knob for durability and long life
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Unique pan support for better balance
  • 360 degree revolving nozzle

Butterfly 3 Burner Gas Stove Review

#3. Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove Review

Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove Review

The Butterfly Smart 3 Burner Gas Stove is a high-quality stove made of a toughened glass top. The Butterfly gas stove is designed to withstand scratching and spillage, and has brass burners ensuring even heating and efficiency.

The gas stove includes rubber legs for support, making it easy to use. The temperature control knob lets you have efficient control of heat and flames. Spill-proof design makes cleaning up easy and mess-free.

The stove comes with a manual ignition system, making it quick and easy to start cooking. The smart design means that you can cook from any angle with a 360-degree nozzle which provides a full range of motion. The stove has been designed with high efficiency in mind, ensuring fast cooking times.

The unique pan support feature ensures that your cooking utensils are more secure while being used, which makes cooking safer. You will find that this stove is very easy to clean and maintain due to its glass design.


  • Spill-proof design makes it easy to clean
  • It supports temperature control knob
  • Provides flame from any angle with the help of a 360-degree revolving nozzle.
  • Value for money


  • The spill tray cannot be removed for cleaning.
Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black
  • Unique toughened glass , Spill proof design. Wear Resistant : Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 67 x 34 x 11 cm
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Brass burner
  • Designer knobs

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Butterfly 4 Burner Gas Stove Review

#4.  Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove Review

Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove Review

The Butterfly Smart 4 burner gas stove is a highly efficient kitchen appliance that has the ability to make your cooking experience more enjoyable. The unique toughened glass top makes it spill-proof and scratch-free. 

This model comes with shatter-resistant glass that protects against wear, tear, and corrosion. The brass burner ensures an even heat distribution. The gas stove’s high thermal efficiency allows you to cook faster than ever before.

Butterfly gas stove equipped with a 360-degrees swivel type revolving inlet nozzle. The smart lock pan feature makes it easy for you to handle any utensil with ease. The stove comes with a manual ignition system that makes it easy to get cooking.


  • Aesthetically designed stylish body
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • High thermal efficiency for faster cooking
  • Multifunctional safety features like overheat protection, flame failure, and leak-proof.
  • Spill-proof and scratch resistance top for durability


  • The stove does not support an automatic ignition system.
Butterfly Smart Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove, Black, Manual
  • Unique toughened glass. Rust Free Pan stand
  • Spill proof design
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Brass burner, Shape - Rectangle
  • Designer knobs

Warranty of Butterfly Gas Stove 

The company offers a 1-year warranty for the gas stove which covers it from manufacturing defects.

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My Recommendations

If you are looking for a 2 burner gas stove, then you should take a look at Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove. It comes with a spill-proof and scratch-resistant top. It is very easy to use and maintain this gas stove.

If you want to buy a 3 burner gas stove within your budget, then Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove will be a good option for you. Because it has good brand value, efficient cooking performance, and is fairly priced.

If you want to buy a 4 burner gas stove, then Butterfly Smart Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove is a good option for you. That is because it has got excellent cooking performance, aesthetics, and very sturdy built quality.

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