Glass Top Gas Stove vs Stainless Steel

One question that many people are confused about when shopping for a new stove is whether or not they should go with stainless steel or glass top gas stoves. A gas stove has two major components –

  • The burner which is the piece that heats up quickly while you are cooking.
  • A grate that allows the heat to spread evenly across the surface. 

A gas stove combines these two components, so you have a smooth cooking surface. This article discusses the pros and cons of both types of stoves to make the right decision. 

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What are Glass top gas stoves?

Glass top gas stove

Glass top gas stoves are becoming more popular in recent years because they provide a sleek look to any kitchen. They also offer an opportunity for easy cleaning and maintenance, which can be hard to come by with other stove tops.

The glass top gas stove surface is made with toughened glass that can withstand the extreme temperatures of being on a gas stove.

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What are Stainless steel stoves?

Stainless steel gas stove

Stainless steel stoves have been around for a long time, and they aren’t going to be disappearing anytime soon. They are known for their durability and easy maintenance. The material is resistant to heat and won’t warp or crack if it gets too hot, which makes it ideal for cooking. 

You can find a variety of different finishes on stainless steel, including brushed and polished. The differences between these two finishes is the texture and shine of the surface. Additionally, they can often be found at lower prices than glass top gas stoves.

Glass Top Gas Stove vs Stainless Steel

When it comes to choosing between a glass top gas stove and a stainless steel gas stove, there are several factors to consider.

#1. Aesthetics 

On aesthetics, a glass top gas stove is more preferred than stainless steel gas stove. The main difference between the two stove options is that a glass top has a sleek, modern look that can complement other contemporary kitchen appliances. By contrast, a stainless steel gas stove has an older-style architecture that meshes well with traditional kitchen decor.

#2. Cleaning 

Cleaning of gas stove

While both gas stove types are easy to keep clean, a stainless steel gas stove is more likely to get dirty more quickly. But a glass top gas stove needs a proper cleaning.

Keep in mind that when cleaning the glass top gas stove, you can’t use a scrubber or abrasive material like steel wool because it may cause scratches. You also shouldn’t wipe or clean while warm since this could crack the surface. The upside to a stainless steel gas stove is that it is easier to clean with water and soap.

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#3. Heat Distribution  

A glass top gas stove typically distributes heat better than a stainless steel gas stove. The glass cooktop stoves with their radiant and halogen burners quickly catch fire, while the stainless steel fuel-burning units take up to a minute. In the glass top of the gas stoves, the sealed element also cools down quickly as compared to stainless steel. You will often notice unequal distribution of flames with stainless steel gas stoves.

#4. Ignition 

Ignition of gas stoves

When it comes to ignition, both gas stoves have manual ignition as well as automatic ignition. You can use both gas stoves with manual ignition (gas lighter), but nowadays inbuilt ignitions are sometimes risky because they may not work well. It’s also hard to repair if broken so people prefer to use manual ignition.

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#5. Cost

Overall, a glass top gas stove costs more than a stainless steel gas stove. This is because of high-quality toughened glass and the heating elements, which cost more to produce. The cost of a gas stove is also impacted by the style of the surface on top, whether it’s smooth or textured. Whereas stainless steel is fairly inexpensive to produce.

#6. Lifespan

When it comes to durability, you can not deny the fact that stainless steel is stronger than glass. Stainless steel gas stoves are able to last longer, which can save you money in the long-run. On the other hand, with shatterproof and spill proof glass design, you can feel confident that your glass top gas stove will last for a long time.

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#7. Safety 

Both glass top gas stove and stainless steel gas stoves are safe, but the type of material used in the construction of a gas stove can impact safety. A stainless steel surface is more durable than tempered glass, so there is greater chance of injury if the glass is broken and shattered. But thanks to the thickness of toughened glass which is from 4 to 8 millimeters with shutter proof design, glass top gas stoves are much safer than ever before.

Best Gas Stove Brands in Each Category

For Glass Top Gas Stoves

You may go with a Prestige, Butterfly or Faber for the best quality glass top gas stove in India.

For Stainless Steel Gas Stoves

If you are looking for the best quality stainless steel gas stove, you may go with Sunflame, Khaitan or Vidiem.

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Both glass top gas stoves and stainless steel gas stoves are popular choices for modern kitchens. If you want to choose one of them, make sure you consider the details mentioned above. Either way, they both will provide you with good cooking performance and are safe to use.

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