5 Simple Ways to Clean your Kitchen Sink

A blocked kitchen sink can be the root cause of a stinking kitchen and an untidy kitchen sink can attract cockroaches and pests. Keeping a kitchen sink neat and clean is, however, is an easy task.

You can follow the simple kitchen cleaning hacks and watch how effortlessly can you keep your kitchen sink clean and tidy.

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5 Ways to Clean your Kitchen Sink

#1. Remove the Odor using Citrus Rinds

lemon peels

Lemon and orange peels can do wonders, so do not throw them away. Chop them finely, and boil them till the water reduces to half. Put the drain lid on, and pour this thick liquid upon the sink. Spread the liquid evenly on the sink. Spread baking soda on it. Leave it overnight. Wash it off the next day. Your kitchen sink would be odor-free and clean in no time!

Another trick is to use Borax powder mixed with ice cubes, and later, rinsing off with citrus peel solution. Apart from making the kitchen sink odor-free, the solution also disinfects the drain.

You can also dry the citrus peels and make a fine powder. Mix it with baking soda and spread it all over the kitchen sink. Leave it overnight, and rinse off the next day.

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#2. Avoid the Food Leftover in Sink

clean kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks are sturdy enough to hold several dirty utensils, but if you keep food leftovers overnight, it may cause a rotten smell and invite bacteria. Leaving overnight would invite pests too. So whenever you are keeping the dishes, make sure to put the food leftovers in a separate bin.

If you have a porcelain sink, make sure to avoid coffee and wine spills as these leave permanent marks that are difficult to remove. Salted or acidic food items can damage the stainless steel sink, so make sure not to keep the utensils with salty and acidic food leftovers for a long time.

You cannot use harsh chemicals on the sink, as if your food comes in contact with these toxic chemicals through utensils, it may cause much harm to your health.
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#3. Use Baking Soda to Unclog the Drain

clean kitchen sink 2

Baking soda and vinegar are two magical ingredients that can be used as a powerful cleaning agent to clean almost anything. You can use these to clean your kitchen tiles, refrigerator, oven, cooktop and sink.

  • Use baking soda and vinegar, mix them in equal proportion and pour it into the drain. Leave it overnight, and wash it off the next day. Re-piping the drain must be done in every 5-6 months, as the pipes tend to get damaged easily. Baking soda and lemon juice can also help unclog the drain.
  • Boil water and pour it steadily into the opening of the drain, observe how the water goes down. Wait for some time, and if required, repeat the process.
  • Use a plumber’s snake, and if you don’t have it, make one using a metal wire of a coat hanger. With the crooked end, you can pull out a lot of debris stuck inside the drain.
  • Clean the P-trap, that is, the crooked (elbow-shaped) pipe located under the kitchen sink. The P-trap is the place where the food and grease get stuck, causing the clogged drains. Place a bucket under the pipe to catch the debris residing inside the P-trap.
  • Open up the connectors and put down the curved part of the pipe. Remove the P-trap and clean the derbies. Connect it again. Open the tap to test the drainage. You can use Drainex (a chemical compound available in the market to unclog the drains) if required.
  • Use a plunger now and then to pull out the debris and keep the drainage path clear.

#4. Use a Hard Brush to Clean the Sink

hard brush

A hard brush and liquid dishwashing agent can remove the toughest limescale deposits and strains. But it must be done frequently so that the sink remains clean and tidy.

Do not throw away your old toothbrush. This small thing can clean the nooks and corners of your sink. Apply a little bit of toothpaste and baking soda, apply on the joints and the kitchen tap, and leave it for some time. Take your old toothbrush and rub it off. The sink joints are cleaner than before.

Use of harsh chemicals should be avoided but can be used once in a while to remove rust and tough stain marks. Hydrogen peroxide (a strong chemical) can be used to clean the kitchen sink.

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#5. Use Microfibre Cloth to Dry your Sink

clean kitchen sink 4

After you are done with the dirty dishes, make sure to clean the kitchen sink’s surface and wipe it off using a microfibre cloth. Avoid using dirty rags, as they tend to transmit bacteria from one surface to another.

Wash the microfibre cloth with a non-toxic liquid detergent and hot water. The scrubber or sponge should also be cleaned by microwaving in hot water.

You can use a plastic bowl inside the sink to store the dirty dishes, instead of keeping them straight into the sink.

Sprinkle flour on the surface of the kitchen sink. The flour would dry off the wetness and then use a clean towel to clean off the excess flour. Your kitchen sink is shining now.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping the kitchen sink clean can easily keep the dirt and pests off. Every day, the kitchen sink is loaded with several greasy utensils, and often, left overnight like that. Little care and pampering can make your kitchen last longer than usual.

You can use the commercially available sink cleaners and scrubbers to clean the sink or use chemicals when hard water has stained the kitchen sink. Make sure to add water filtering and softening filter to your kitchen tap so that the water doesn’t do enough damage to the sink.

The sink joints must be checked occasionally to avoid any potential accidents because the continuous use of water and chemicals can damage the sink joints and connectors. If it is a graphite sink, make sure to clean the limescale built-up with lemon or citric acid solution.

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