How to Clean a Wet Grinder?

Wet grinders have become an essential part of your kitchen these days. Well, for obvious benefits they are associated with. We are sure you have been patting your back for making the best choice by opting for the best wet grinder that one could ever have. But, that would not make your wet grinder a performer all itself. Maintaining it is what you need to take care of for a durable service. How to clean and maintain your Wet Grinder? The tips featured here should be helpful enough.

How To Clean and Maintain Your Wet Grinder?

Well, cleaning a wet grinder is not a tough task as such. However, it is an important chore you need to go through if you really want to find your wet grinder offering you the years of successful functioning. If you are looking forward to years of faithful service, follow these instructions carefully.

How to clean a wet grinder

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How To Clean a Wet Grinder ?

Here are a few tips you can make part of your cleaning schedule –

  • Clean the drum before you begin to use your grinder.
  • Keep your wet grinder dry all the time. In fact, keep the drum upside down so that you stand a better chance of drying it better.
  • The roller can accumulate debris or begin to smell. Ensure that you remove the roller assembly and clean it thoroughly after each use.

If you are indeed careful and want to know how to clean and maintain wet grinder, follow this regime –

  • Remove the holder stick and the stones.
  • You can use a brush for cleaning the inaccessible corners.
  • Always wipe the motor with a dry cloth.
  • Wipe the stones thoroughly after cleaning them.

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Tips for Efficient Maintenance of Wet Grinder

Maintaining your wet grinder is very essential if you expect years of trouble-free service. Create a regular regime for an efficient maintenance schedule. The following tips could be of huge help.

  • Before you actually use the grinder for your grinding needs, rotate the stones and roller gently to find that it is fitted properly after every cleanup.
  • Never run a wet grinder when it is empty.
  • Add the ingredients in small quantities. This will help you get better and evenly ground batter, in addition to increasing the life of your wet grinder.
  • Always operate it on an even platform. Excessive vibration can cause your grinder to develop issues.
  • Ensure you use enough water while using the grinder. Inadequate water or lower belt tension can cause your wet grinder to develop major issues.
  • Make sure you go through the instruction manuals carefully. This will provide you a clear insight into the functionalities that your wet grinder is capable of.

A Little Extra Care Provides you Trouble-free Service for Years

If you are checking out how to clean and maintain your wet grinder, the tips featured here should help you take a good care of your wet grinder. It isn’t a rocket science either. A few basic tips and that will do the trick!

And yes, never try servicing your wet grinder yourself. Always refer it to the qualified technicians. Also, ensure that you should never use an accessory that is not meant for your model and brand of the wet grinder.

We assume the cleaning and maintenance tips featured in this post should have been quite helpful in making wet grinder last longer. Keep an eye on us and get all the information you need with respect to the wet grinders.

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