7 Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

The most disgusting feeling you can have is when you come across bugs and cockroaches crawling around in the kitchen. Even after wiping and cleaning the kitchen every day, the cockroaches and bugs breed under the sink, behind the cabinets, and inside the drains.

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In this article, we will discuss how cockroaches and bugs can be removed using natural remedies, without using any toxic ingredients.

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7 Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

#1. Using Borax Powder To Keep Cockroaches Away


Borax powder is the best natural pest controller available in nearby grocery stores. You can sprinkle some borax powder in and around the kitchen, inside the microwave oven, and the cabinet corners. You’ll see a decline in the number of bugs and cockroaches after first use.

#2. A Bowl Of Red Wine To Chase The Roaches Away

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Keep a bowl full of red wine on your kitchen slab. The red wine repels the pests and also prevents the food from spoiling. 

#3. Empty Eggshells Can Do Wonders

egg shells

Do not throw away eggshells the next time you eat eggs. Collect a few eggshells and grind them.

Spread them in every nook and corner of the kitchen. You can also spread it wherever in the house you notice the bugs and roaches are prevalent.

#4. Bay Leaves Act As A Nice Pest Repellent

bay leaves

Bay leaves act as a natural and non-toxic pet repelling agent.

The herb doesn’t kill the pests, but cockroaches hate the smell of bay leaves. Place the bay leaves in every corner of your house where cockroaches breed or live, and you would notice the difference.

#5. Use Essential Oils To Keep The Cockroaches Away


Essential oils have multitudes of benefits including they remove cockroaches from your house. Just pour some lavender oil or peppermint oil in cotton balls and keep them in the nooks and corners of your kitchen.

Repeat if needed. You’ll see a significant reduction of cockroaches from your kitchen.

#6. Dried Neem Leaves And Neem Oil Can Act As Powerful Roach Repellents

neem oil

Neem leaves not only has anti-bacterial properties, but they can remove cockroaches from your house.

Put a few drops of Neem oil in the cabinets, near the sink, and inside the drain. Leave it overnight. Your kitchen is roach-free by the next day!

Alternatively, you can also use dried Neem leaves to keep the pests away.

#7. Cinnamon Powder To Keep The Kitchen Pest-free


Cinnamon can not only make your food tasty but keep your kitchen pest-free. Sprinkle grounded cinnamon in the corner of your kitchen and see how magically it removes the pests from your kitchen.

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10 Tips To Follow To Control The Pests

Using these unusual hacks, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen clean and pest-free. However, there are a few expert-recommended pieces of advice that you can follow to keep the kitchen clean.

#1. Pour Boiling Water Into The Sink Opening

Pouring boiling water into the sink opening would damage the potential dwelling and breeding areas of these roaches. Every night, pour some piping hot water into the sink opening would not only clean the sink but also helps you get rid of these bugs and cockroaches.

#2. Identify The Areas Where The Roaches Can Breed

Pests usually breed and live in a safe place, away from the reach of the human eye. So you have to observe the breeding areas of these pests, like the drain opening, below the sink, and inside the cabinets.

They love to stay around food, so you’ll find roaches roaming around the food. Identifying the reeding areas is quite essential before you decide to control pests.

#3. Use A Pest-controlling Spray

You’ll get pest controlling spray in the local shops around you. Often these home remedies do not work if they’re a lot of bugs and cockroaches around. So using a pest-controlling spray is indeed a good idea.

You can spray this pest-controlling agent in the night and wash it off by the next day. These sprays are quite toxic, so make sure to clean every surface and kitchen item post the pest control operation.

#4. Do Not Leave Food Leftovers Open

Food leftovers in the sink can attract pests. Therefore, remove the food leftovers from the plates before putting them in the sink.

#5. Keep Your Kitchen Clean


There’s no alternative to cleanliness and hygiene. A basic cleaning routine must be followed to keep the kitchen area clean. There must not be any uncovered food kept in the kitchen.

You can use a clean cloth and disinfectant to clean the problem places, reduce bacterial growth, and control pests.

#6. Keep The Lid Of The Garbage Bin Closed

An open garbage bin can be a gala treat for the cockroaches. So do not keep the garbage lid open. If possible, tie up the garbage bag and keep a few cotton balls soaked in essential oils inside the garbage bag to repel the bugs.

#7. Keep The Lights On

Roaches are nocturnal insects, and they love dark places. So keeping the lights on would repel them.

#8. Use Insect Growth Regulation Technique

IGR or Insect Growth Regulation technique ensures that the breeding cycles of these pests end. This is kind of a birth regulating technique that ensures a steady and speedy reduction in the breeding capability of these pests.

#9. Limit The Food Area

Eat in one place. This would make cleaning the food crumbs and spills easy. Moreover, you’ll quickly notice the food leftovers and clean them in no time.

#10. Remove Garbage Like Paper Stacks And Cardboard

The best place for the cockroaches and bugs to hide is near the old newspaper stacks. So make sure to remove the cardboard and paper piles so that they get no such places to hide and dwell.

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Pests are the most common problem people face while cleaning the kitchen. Bugs and cockroaches can cause a lot of health issues, especially in children and seniors. Keeping your kitchen clean and pest-free would make you feel better, knowing your family members can have safe and hygienic food.

If none of the home remedies work, you must call the pest control services to help make your kitchen pest-free, because you would never like to see those creepy insects around your food.

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