10 Kitchen Hacks For Indian Kitchens

In India, there’s a significant percentage of people who believe home cooking is boring and time-consuming. What if we offer some handy tips to save kitchen time and effort?

Well, here’s a brief list of some unusual hacks that you can apply in real life and save yourself from tedious kitchen chores.

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10 Kitchen Hacks To Manage Your Kitchen and Save Time

#1. Make Coffee Ice Cubes To Make Instant Cold Coffee

We all love cold coffees and shakes, but making it at home means you need to boil the milk, prepare the coffee, and chill it before you can enjoy the beverage. 

To save some time, you can mix instant coffee powder with sugar and hot water, pour the decoction in the ice trays, and make coffee ice cubes. 

To make instant cold coffee, take some milk and heavy cream, and put as many coffee premix ice cubes as you want as per your taste.

Electric Kettle

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#2. Make Instant Noodles in a Wide-Mouthed Electric Kettle

Did you know you can make instant noodles like Maggi and Top Ramen in an electric kettle

Well, it is pretty easy to make, and you don’t even need a gas, oven or induction to cook. Pour some water into the electric kettle, let it boil, add the instant noodles pack along with the spice mix, and stir with a spoon for a minute. Close the kettle lid and switch the appliance on. You’ll get your instant noodles prepared in no time. Serve hot!

#3. Scrape The Ginger With a Sharp Sided Metal Spoon

The ginger skin is thin, so you can peel it off using a sharp metal spoon. While the scraper would not be able to scrape the tricky edges of ginger, a metal spoon is a perfect tool to de-skin the uneven surfaces. You can also peel kiwi (ripened) using a spoon-peeling technique.

#4. Keep The Bananas Fresh By Wrapping a Foil Around The Stems

Bananas tend to rot early, so wrap the banana stems with foil or a cling film wrapper to keep them fresh and edible for long. So eat fresh Bananas for several days. Cling film wrappers can also be used to keep other fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. Make sure to keep other fruits and vegetables inside the refrigerator even if you have kept them in cling film wraps. Make tiny holes in the wrap to let the air pass.

#5. Serve Ice-Creams And Frozen Desserts In Chilled Bowls

If you want your ice-creams and frozen desserts to taste best, serve them in chilled bowls. These chilled crockeries would insure your frozen item remains chilled for some more time. You could also keep your ice-cream desserts in the freezer until you need them, and then quickly serve them without any hassle.

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#6. Put The Diced Potatoes In a Bowl Full Of Turmeric Water To Avoid Blackening

Peeled and diced potatoes tend to change color. But if you keep it in a bowl full of water added with salt and turmeric, it will never turn black. You can keep these potato slices in a lunch box filled with turmeric and saltwater and store them in a refrigerator for several days. 

#7. Keep Ginger Paste As Ice Cubes To Retain Freshness

If you wish to keep your ginger fresh, paste it and keep it stored as ice cubes. Put an ice cube (or two as per the requirements) in your curry whenever required. Keeping ginger ice cubes improves its shelf life and you can use them easily without any trouble of cutting or peeling.

Kitchen Appliances

#8. Buy Kitchen Appliances With Multiple Uses

Do not waste money buying separate appliances for different kitchen chores. Instead, buy an appliance with multiple uses. For example, an oven with a convection and grill can bake cakes and grill kebabs too, and you don’t need to buy separate appliances for grilling and baking. Similarly, a juicer, mixer, and grinder can do a number of things. A juicer can make smoothies, fruit juices, and several other beverages. The mixer can mix semi-solid ingredients like tomato puree and lassi, while a grinder is ideal for making dry masala powder and curry pastes. 

#9. Organize The Kitchen Containers With Labels

We often get confused with the kitchen containers, especially if it is opaque. Make sure the kitchen containers are plain and transparent so that you can see what’s inside. Another option is to put labels on them. You can put labels on the containers and keep them in order according to their type. For example, you can keep spices on one side of the kitchen rack, and pulses on another side. This technique would be quite helpful while you’re at cooking. Do not mix up the order as you may need to use the kitchen later as well.

Organize the Kitchen Containers With Labels

#10. Put Your Ladles, Spoons And Other Cutleries Arranged In Different Mason Jars

Mason jars are elegant and can store a variety of stuff. Use mason jars to store pulses, spices, oatmeals, cookies, and whatnot. These jars can be quite useful to store ladles, spoons, and several other cutleries. Keep 5-6 mason jars in the kitchen to store fruit forks, long forks, spoons, chopsticks, cooking spoons, and so on. 

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Organizing the kitchen and using smart kitchen hacks is a skill-set that is acquired and applied as required. You can use your imagination to organize your kitchen and utilize the appliances to reap the optimum benefit. Not every hack you find on the internet is good for you or useful for your kitchen. However, you would eventually learn to streamline your kitchen tasks and organize the kitchen accessories when using the kitchen every day. Internet hacks can provide you with a broad idea of possibilities, but whether they can be applied to your kitchen or not is solely on your decision and choice. It needs no special qualifications and training to organize your kitchen space (or any space in your house), all you need is a little knack for kitchen organizing and space-optimizing.

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