Mixer Grinder Buying Guide in India

When buying a mixer grinder, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

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#1. What Your Pocket Says

One of the most important features is deciding the budget. You should first of all keep a cap on the upper limit of your budget. This will help you in two ways: it will save your time and also you will not end up burning a hole in your pocket.

#2. Power of The Mixer Grinder

To be honest, when I was looking for a mixer grinder the store guy asked me what the wattage should be? And I was like why do I need to bother about it; that was the time when I got to know the importance of it. 

If you make dishes that need normal grinding then you may choose the one with low power as much as 500W but if you prefer grinding your spices at home then you will be needing a mixer grinder with 750W or more. And if you like mincing your meat at home or crushing ice then you might need one with 900W or more power.

Depending on your cooking preferences you may choose the right wattage. Now the question is why you need to consider this feature. If you do intense grinding with a mixer grinder having less wattage then it might result in overheating leading to tripping of power at your home. 

Higher wattage means that the mixer grinder is more powerful and can thus perform heavy-duty tasks. Some models even come with an overload protector that shuts off the motor if it gets overloaded for added safety.

#3. Type of Mixer Grinder

You must decide what type of mixer grinder you need. There are two main types: manual, and stand mixer.

  • Stand Mixers

Stand mixers are good for heavy-duty mixing and come with multiple attachments for a variety of tasks such as kneading dough, slicing vegetables, and even making pasta.

Depending on the variety of tasks you can perform with the mixer grinder you can categorize them into a normal mixer grinder or a food processor.

  • Normal Mixer Grinder – The ones that we use for mixing and simple grinding.
  • Food Processor – These are the ones that can perform a variety of tasks like mixing, grinding, chopping, grating, kneading, and whipping.
  • Manual Mixers
manual mixer grinder

These mixer grinders are not common for kitchens, they are mainly used at shops for extracting juices.

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#4. Speed

The speed of the mixer grinder is decided by RPM. The RPM decides how fast a mixer grinder rotates in a minute. If you are choosing a mixer grinder for your home kitchen then you may go for one with 18000 to 24000 RPM as you would not be doing heavy grinding at home. Nowadays mixer grinders come with a speed control knob to give you the freedom to set the right speed. 

#5. Size

Size is another important factor, especially if you have a small kitchen. Before buying the mixer grinder you should check whether you have ample space in your kitchen to store the mixer grinder. This way you will save yourself from any kind of unwanted irritation. As you might need to keep the mixer grinder on the kitchen top all the time and hence occupying a lot of space.

#6. Number of Mixer Grinder Jars

It’s always better to get a mixer grinder with more jars so you can do multiple tasks without needing to wash the jar again and again.


The most commonly used attachments are grinding jars, chutney jars, and a big jar. An interesting new development in mixer grinders is food processing jars that allow you to do various tasks like chopping, grating, and whipping. 

Although it may be tempting, avoid buying attachments separately unless they are specifically recommended by the manufacturer. This is because many things are not compatible with other kitchen appliances, leading to frustration when they don’t fit or work properly.

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#7. Blades

blades of mixer grinder

The blades of a mixer grinder are very important, and it’s a good idea to look at them closely before buying. You want strong blades made of stainless steel that are sharp for the convenience of grinding. This is because you don’t want your food to get stuck in the blades while chopping or be forced through so it turns into mush.

You should also check whether the mixer grinder comes with the blade attachments needed for your everyday cooking needs.

Some models also come with additional attachments such as a juice extractor or citrus press so you can get even more tasks done in one appliance.

#8. Maintenance and Cleaning

You also need to look for an easy-to-clean machine. This is an important factor since mixer grinders can be quite messy and cumbersome to wash. Most models come with dishwasher-safe components, but there are still some that you need to hand wash.

One more thing to be considered is whether the blades are detachable or not. It would be better to get the one with detachable blades as it makes it easier to clean the jars and the blades. Otherwise, there might be an accumulation of fungus or leftover bits.

#9. Safety 

Most of the modern mixer grinders come with overload protection. This feature will help in protecting the device and preventing any sort of accident or damage. 

Furthermore, most brands provide a safety feature in which the blades will not start moving until the jar is placed and locked properly. This feature helps in preventing accidental starting of the mixer grinder hence avoiding accidents. 

#10. Spare Parts

Finding the spare parts of your electronics can be an overwhelming task if the warranty has expired. However, you should always check in advance that the brand has a service center and availability of spare parts in your city. 

#11. Brand

It is normal to be inclined towards a particular brand. But you should still consider other brands as well. While choosing a mixer grinder you should consider the reviews and ratings of various brands so that you can make the right choice.

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#12. Warranty 

Considering warranty while purchasing any electronic item. Rather you should always check if you can get an extended warranty be it paid or free. This will help you save extra costs in the future.


Finally, it is always important to check the product thoroughly before buying. You can make the checklist of parameters that you are looking for in the mixer grinder and see where the current product that you are exploring stands. 

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