Prestige PWG Wet Grinder Review 2022

When it comes to wet grinders, you would definitely like to opt for the best that offers you the crisper dosas, soft idlis and vadas that are softer enough. Prestige has indeed been the popular player in the realm of home appliances in India and the Prestige PWG Wet Grinder is considered to be one of the premium options for your favourite wet grinders.

How does it live up to your expectations? We will analyse the appliance in a finer detail in this exhaustive Prestige PWG Wet Grinder review.

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Prestige PWG 01 Wet Grinder – An Overview

The grinder is manufactured using high quality materials and offers you the best ever service quality and durability. Designed to meet the Indian conditions and the Indian way of cooking, it can be used for a variety of applications like grinding any wet ingredients like pulses, rice, or wheat grains for cooking dosas, idlis, and vadas. You also have access to a dough kneader -its atta kneader attachment making it a single equipment to handle all your cooking chores.

Prestige PWG 01 Tilting Wet Grinder Review

The grinding stone has been well designed and covers a wider area, thus ensures that your ingredients are ground really quickly. The four different tilting positions should ideally make it one of the best when it comes to usability. In essence, you should be able to transfer the content of the grinder to another vessel without any difficulty.

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Features of Prestige PWG Wet Grinder

Well, the grinder offers you a host of features that would make it a long standing and durable option for all your needs. The heavy-duty motor coupled with stones with larger contact area makes it one of the excellent options for a faster and quieter functionality.

Some additional features we liked the most on the wet grinder include-

  • The Best Space Saver– A space saving design should be what makes it an ideal solution for the smaller families. The Prestige PWG 01 wet grinder can even be stored inside the racks when not in use. The Red – White combination can make it a fancy appliance that will go well with your kitchen surroundings.
  • Good Capacity– The Two litre capacity of the wet grinder should make it a sufficient option for a small to medium family. Under standard conditions, you should be able to grind 500 grams of soaked rice in one run.
  • Stainless Steel Drum– The grinding drum construction is made of the stainless steel material of food grade quality. The stainless steel is corrosion resistant. This will help you store the ground content for the prolonged time. This will not affect the quality of your food items. The steel drum is also quite easy to clean. The lid acts as a coconut scraper as well when kept in reverse.
  • Best Tilting Positions– The wet grinder comes with four different tilting positions. This will make it easy to transfer the content of the grinder to another vessel. Just press the button and tilt it to the position of your preference. The tilting screen will also help you clean the drum easily without leaving any residue.
  • Overload Protection– The wet grinder does offer you a heavy duty functionality of 200 Watt capacity. You should ideally face no issues with your grinding process – thanks to the heavy duty motor. However, in the extreme cases of overload, the grinder does come with an overload protection switch that activates auto cut off when any overload is detected.


ModelPWG 01
TypeTilting Type Wet Grinder
Number of stones2
WarrantyFive  Years
Body MaterialABS Plastic
Drum and Lid MaterialStainless Steel
Voltage230 V AC at 50 Hz
Motor200 Watt
Weight16.3 Kg

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The Pros and Cons

Well, the wet grinder is, after all, a machine. It is bound to come with its own set of positive and negative features.


  • Four positions for tilting
  • Compact size that should be suitable for a small family.
  • The Heavy duty motor and stones with more contact area.
  • Extra attachments in the form of atta kneader and coconut scraper.


  • The speed is a little slower
  • Locking the tilt position may be a little tough in cases.

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Prestige PWG Wet Grinder Review

No matter whether you are looking for crisper dosas, softer vadas and fluffy chapatis – the Prestige PWG 01 Wet Grinder is an excellent option to meet all your requirements. Equipped with an excellent interlocking mechanism, the wet grinder should be your ideal option for a small or medium family.

Go with it for the excellent, smoother, finer and quitter operation ensured by a proficient and successful manufacturer who have proved their efficiency time and again.

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