Sowbaghya Shree Wet Grinder Review 2022

Wet Grinders are the essential among the kitchen appliances we have long fallen in love with. They would assume more importance if you are looking ahead for South Indian dishes.

What would you look for your wet grinder? Well, whatever be your choices – we would love to share a review with you one of the excellent wet grinders you can go with.

In this article, we publish an exhaustive Sowbaghya Shree Wet Grinder Review and also compare it with the available options in the market to understand if its a good purchase decision or not. So read on!

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Best Tilting Wet Grinder in Budget

Tilting wet grinders are one among the best options if you are looking for a wet grinder. In fact, the tilting type models make it easy to transfer the content from the grinder into another vessel. This can be quite helpful when you are using a heavy duty wet grinder, the tilting wet grinder should be the best option for your needs than the conventional table top grinders.

The SowbaghyaShree Tilting Wet Grinder is capable of tilting at around 90 degrees. The complete tilting mechanism would make it quite easy and simple to clean or use. The Sowbhagya Shree Tilting Wet Grinder is designed keeping all your grinding requirements.

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Sowbhagya Shree Tilting Wet Grinder Review

Well, portability is one of the features that would attract us towards the Sowbaghya Shree Tilting Wet Grinder. At 15 kg weight, it is one of the most portable wet grinders that you can ever go with.

The 2 litre capacity of the grinder should be what would make it best for the needs for a normal family. The light weight of the grinder would ensure that you would be able to carry it from one location to another. The compact design would fit it in any kind of congested place. If you have small sized kitchen, the grinder would be the best option to get your work done with the professional performance.

The body is made of high grade ABS plastic. In addition to the durability that the ABS plastic offers you, the material would also offer you a good look to your kitchen. Isn’t it a great option to get the things done and improve the ambiance of your kitchen? The drum is made of stainless steel. You can be assured of better strength and offer protection against corrosion.

Both the material used for drum and the lid conforms to food grade in terms of standards. This will ensure safety of the food cooked from the perspective of your health.


Well, the best features of the SowbaghyaShree Tilting Wet Grinder have already been explained in the above paragraphs. Some of the features that would make it an exceptional and essential part of your kitchen can be summarised as –

  • The wet grinder comes with a 2 litres capacity. This should be the perfect choice for a small kitchen.
  • Sowbhagya Shree Tilting wet grinder has two rolling stones. This would be helpful in getting a smoother batter for most of your requirements.
  • The wet grinder is powered by a stronger and high torque motor that runs at 960 rpm. You can be assured of a faster and an efficient grinding experience.
  • Stainless steel drum is detachable. This ensures a better maintenance. You can clean the grinder with ease.
  • You get a 3 year warranty on your Sowbhagya Shree Tilting wet grinder.

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How To Use Sowbaghya Shree Tilting Wet Grinder

Well, maintenance tips coming straight from the manufacturer should be one of the best practices you can opt for. That is precisely why we would be listing out a few tips for your need.

  • Never switch the grinder on without adding contents. Add all the contents before you can start the grinder.
  • When you are adding different content to the grinder, never add all the content at once. Ensure that you are adding the items one by one.
  • Place your wet grinder on an even surface. This will help you in a smoother process of grinding and ensure the trouble free running of the motor.
  • Soaking the contents in water will reduce the grinding time. It will also be helpful in an enhanced smoothness of the batter. You also stand to save on power consumption.
  • Ensure that you do not exceed the limit when adding content to the grinder. A 2 litre grinder can offer you a capacity of 1.5 litre.
  • Take care to wash and clean the stones and the insides of the grinder before and after each grinding operation.

The Specifications

TypeTilting Type Wet Grinder
Number of stones2
WarrantyThree Years
Body MaterialABS Plastic
Drum and Lid MaterialStainless Steel
Voltage220 V AC at 50 Hz
Motor 960 rpm
Physical Dimensions41 x 33 x 49.5 cm
Weight15 Kg

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Pros And Cons

A machine is after all a machine. And as such, it is bound to have a few negatives as well, in addition to the positive features. Having made that clear, let us check out a few Pros and Cons for a better and realistic review of the product.


  • Powerful motor that ensures faster performance
  • Ease of use in terms of cleaning.
  • Compact size makes it best suited for smaller kitchens
  • Detachable drum ensures better cleaning options.


We did not find many negative aspects during our use of the wet grinder. However, there were a few occasional hiccups wherein we found the tilt lock getting stuck midway.


The Sowbhagya Shree 2 Litre Tilting Wet Grinder should indeed be your saviour for all your kitchen requirements when it comes to grinding. The two rolling stones would ensure a better and smoother batter. In fact, the portable and compact wet grinder should indeed serve you to the best of your needs in preparing and enjoying those vadas, dosas, idlis and other South Indian delicacies to your content.

The wet grinder provides you a smoother, efficient and effective functionality for all your grinding needs and thus can be a perfect partner for your kitchen.

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We hope you liked our detailed Sowbaghya Shree Wet Grinder Review. If you are already using this grinder, please share your experiences with out readers using the comment box below.

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