Vidiem Jewel SS Wet Grinder Review 2022

The wet grinders are what you would use for a variety of purposes. Designed specifically for South Indian dishes, they can be quite useful for a small family. The small size wet grinders work towards achieving the best in your requirements. How does the various wet grinders available in the market fare? Let us go through this complete Vidiem Jewel SS Wet Grinder review in the following paragraphs.

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Vidiem Jewel Wet Grinder Overview

The twin stone roller wet grinder is quite exceptional with its performance and functionality. The sophisticated, solid form factor comprising food grade steel drum makes it one of the durable choices. The sturdy 90 Watts motor offers a performance par excellence.

Vidiem Jewel SS Table Top Wet Grinder
Vidiem Jewel SS Table Top Wet Grinder

We will go through a few features that would make it a good option to go with.

Features of Vidiem Jewel Wet Grinder

#1. Dual Wiper Function

The table top wet grinder from Vidiem offers you a specialized double wiper function. This will ensure a better leftover performance and eases your cleaning purpose. The dual wipers will keep all your grinding residues clean as nothing is stuck to the walls of the grinder.

#2. Comfortable Residue Leftover

No matter how messy or sticky your grinding ingredients be, the grinder assures that the insides of your grinders are kept cleaner. In fact, you would not need a separate spatula to keep your grinder cleaner. You do not need any kind of harsh cleaning or scraping.

#3. Performance

The 2-liter capacity wet grinder should be your prime choice for almost all your needs as such. Coming with the new and latest technology, the Vidiem Jewel Wet Grinder is quite ideal for any home.

The wet grinder comes with a high torque single phase motor and equipped with a thermal overload protector. You can be assured of an ultimate performance with the 90 Watts performance. The drum is made of polycarbonate material and stainless steel rollers. The construction assures a maximum durability.

Specifications of Vidiem Jewel Wet Grinder

TypeTable Top Wet Grinder
Model NumberWG SS 302 A
MotorSingle Phase High Torque Induction Motor
Power Input230 V AC 50Hz
Power Consumption90 Watts
Weight7.6 Kg
Dimensions435 x 295 x 340mm
Drum Speed1450 rpm
Maximum Grinding Capacity1.5 liters
Minimum Soaking Time4 Hours

The Pros And Cons

As with any other wet grinder worth its salt, the product does have its own set of positives and negatives as such. In fact, having a clear understanding of the features should provide a clear indication as to what you can expect.


  • The Stainless steel drum ensures a durable service worth the price.
  • The table top grinder is quite lightweight and can be positioned on any table.
  • The double telescopic wipers should be what make it an excellent option.
  • Ease of cleaning.


Well, we did not come across too many shortcomings during the time we had the wet grinder with us for review. There are a few concerns with respect to the smoothness of batter though. However, the inconsistency should not be a concern though as it provides you a good result under normal circumstances.

Why We Recommend

  • The stainless steel drum ensures a better, efficient and even grinding performance.
  • The 2-litre capacity should be the best for most requirements whether for personal use or commercial.
  • The product comes with a 2-year warranty on the wet grinder, with an extra warranty of three years on motor.
  • The 90 watts motor will ensure a better power consumption.

Customer Reviews for Vidiem Jewel SS Wet Grinder 

Vidiem has been a name to reckon with when it comes to kitchen appliances. It does not disappoint you with its features and functionality. The gadget should not disappoint you if you are a normal kitchen enthusiast.

In fact, the wet grinder has been receiving quite a few positive reviews. The plus points that would go in favor of the product are its compactness and the 2-liter capacity. In spite of being a device with just 2-liter capacity, it is capable of handling most of the tasks you intend to perform with the wet grinder.

Some of the customers seem to be annoyed with the noise produced by the wet grinder. However, we would like to bring to your notice that the noise is due to the double wipers. In fact, it is a price you would need to pay for the extra functionality that the gadget provides you.

Any Precautions?

Well, before the initial usage – it is advised to run the wet grinder with soaked rice and water for a few minutes. This will be helpful in cleaning up the grinder. Please discard this rice as it contains impurities.

Take care to tighten the spring carefully. If it is not tightened properly, the performance may be adversely affected. Adding a sufficient quantity of water should be quite essential. Also, it would be advisable to pour the soaked rice or any other ingredient little at a time. If you add it at once, there could be a chance of stalling the motor.


The purpose of writing this Vidiem Jewel SS Wet Grinder Review was to put the pros and cons of it before you so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

The wet grinder is quite perfect for your requirements if you are tight on your budget. If you are on the frequent need for grinding and into South Indian dishes most of the time – this can indeed be a jewel in the real sense of the word. It should meet all your needs in daily cooking and grinding needs you may have. Please note that if you are into heavy-duty grinding tasks, this may not be a better choice for you. You can also read our detailed guide on Best Wet Grinders in India.

However, the customers have found the wet grinder quite efficient in handling the hardest of the ingredients. The relative ease and smoothness that the grinder works in spite of the smaller form factor are what makes it an interesting option. Unless you have any high-end performance, it should indeed be a good investment in itself. We would suggest you opt for it.

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